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This is why I get pissed off when people complain about Jay still being Hiccup, aside from the fact that hes perfect at it. No one could be Hiccup like Jay could. No one. We are lucky to have an actor who cares as much about this role as he does. Usually the most we get is “Neat I’m in an animated movie!” But Jay understands its more than that to people, and it makes me so happy.

Thats also why when we say “Jay is Hiccup”, we’re not saying it just because of his voice. He is Hiccup. From his gestures to his voice, he literally put so much of himself into this animated character. He’s the one that knows Hiccup best. He’s not just the voice, he’s also a major influence and inspiration for this character and we’re all so thankful.

love love love

For a great man has fallen. A warrior. A chieftain. A father. A friend.


i wouldn’t kill him because he looked as frightened as i was. i looked at him and i saw myself.


I watched HTTYD2 on Friday and went to an amazing eye-opening talk for it today, sooo i drew a bunch of stuff. 

everyone needs to go watch this movie. it’s so beautiful and just a really stellar sequel and movie! and none of these are really spoilers, so nooo worries :) 

”The Fearless Hofferson.”